GNU/Linux wireless networking like it's 2020

How to add some systemd stuff inside your network configuration

From netcl to iwd πŸ“‘ ArchLinux is installed on my laptop (an XPS 15) since I got it from my job in 20171. 3 years ago, the cli tool distributed within the distribution was netctl. It’s an in-house ArchLinux project allowing users to manage networking. Overall, the tool does everything I need to get a network connection up and running the way I need it. One of the main thing I dislike about it is wifi-menu, a poorly design UI to search for wireless access points. [Read More]

How to debug a GenServer like Sherlock using IEx

A Sherlock Holmes approved guide πŸ•΅

Elixir, the path to functional programming βš—οΈ With my Rust rediscovery a lot of functional programming concepts became less obscure. In order to go deeper into this paradigm I chose Elixir a powerful general purpose, functional programming language, compiled and executed inside the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM). But why Elixir, if Erlang exists ? Because : Elixir, is Erlang with underpants - Athoune Unlike Erlang, the Elixir syntax is clear and elegant. [Read More]

Another one bites the Rust

Lessons learned from my first Rust project

Rust, the (re)discovery πŸ—ΊοΈ Back to 2014, the year I wrote my first Rust program ! Wow, that was even before version 1.0 ! At my school, it was all about C, and 10 years of C is quite boring (because, yes, I started programming way before my engineering school). I wanted some fresh air, and even if I really liked Python back to that time, i’m more into statically typed programming languages. [Read More]

Dear ops, it's 2019 and you need dev skills

Evolve, or die in pain

To infinity… and beyond! DevOps, IaC, AGILE, SCRUM, Containers, SysOps, CI/CD, microservices, serverless, FAAS Yes, it’s a buzzwords shitstorm but all of these concepts summarize how software development and deployment evolves. Do i think that sysadmins time is over ? No. But time as come, we, as sysadmins, have to adapt to this moving industry. Accept it or die, but cloud computing is the norm now. Small IT companies with “good old LAMP” as the only business model will die soon. [Read More]
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An introduction

But a very concise one

Hi !

New year, new blog.

A quick post to introduce me and this site : I’m Wilfried, a junior SRE.

I will used this plateform to share experiences and opinions about dev and ops worlds.

Feedback is and will be always welcome, if you want to contact me, see the footer below.

Have a nice read !

Bye !