3 weeks, 1 CKA

How to rock the k8s certification in no time

Kube & the CKA Kube, k8s or Kubernetes is the industry leader when you need to orchestrate some containers at scale. The containers war is over : Swarm, Mesos and all other alternatives are dead (except Nomad under some circonstances). The Certified Kubernetes Administror (CKA) is a certification delivered by the Cloud Native Coputing Fundation (CNCF) and the Linux Fundation that will ensure that the certified peoples have the skills and knowledge to operate as cluster administrators. [Read More]

GNU/Linux wireless networking like it's 2020

How to add some systemd stuff inside your network configuration

From netcl to iwd 📡 ArchLinux is installed on my laptop (an XPS 15) since I got it from my job in 20171. 3 years ago, the cli tool distributed within the distribution was netctl. It’s an in-house ArchLinux project allowing users to manage networking. Overall, the tool does everything I need to get a network connection up and running the way I need it. One of the main thing I dislike about it is wifi-menu, a poorly design UI to search for wireless access points. [Read More]

Dear ops, it's 2019 and you need dev skills

Evolve, or die in pain

To infinity… and beyond! DevOps, IaC, AGILE, SCRUM, Containers, SysOps, CI/CD, microservices, serverless, FAAS Yes, it’s a buzzwords shitstorm but all of these concepts summarize how software development and deployment evolves. Do i think that sysadmins time is over ? No. But time as come, we, as sysadmins, have to adapt to this moving industry. Accept it or die, but cloud computing is the norm now. Small IT companies with “good old LAMP” as the only business model will die soon. [Read More]
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